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    Payroc has established this site as a repository for information as it relates to Visa surcharge rules. This site provides quick access to merchant facing communications published by Payroc to keep our sales partners and internal staff informed. Click on the links below to find what you're looking for.

    Visa Bulletin Summary

    The Visa bulletin referenced here announced, among other things the following: 
    The maximum amount of credit card surcharge in the U.S. will be lowered from 4% to 3%.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Payroc planning to proactively reach out to high processing MIDs or Agents to discuss opportunities?

    For our existing RewardPay merchants, Yes. We have already started that exercise with our top 20 RewardPay merchants and downline agents. 

    Will we be lowering RP monthly fees for existing merchants that have a fee that is higher than the advertised $25 fee in the new model.

    Subscription fee’s for existing RewardPay merchants will remain unchanged. New MIDS will fall under the new subscription model.

    What is Payroc is going to do to offset this difference now that the surcharge amount cannot exceed 3%?

    The variance between your contract pricing/agreement and the newly mandated cap on % to be passed to a cardholder will be billed to you at end of Month on all credit volume.

    i.e. For example, if you are priced at 3.85% for all Credit Card transactions today and you are passing the full amount to the cardholder. As of May 01, 2023, you will only be able to pass along 3% of the 3.85% total. Your End of Month bill will include the remaining .85% for all credit card transactional volume.

    When the merchants will be notified of this change?

    Notifications will be distributed via email to our merchants beginning March 20th, 2023.  We will also send the communication via snail mail, and push notifications to our merchants in Payroc Insights.  All communications will be internally announced to W-2 as well as 1099 before they go out to merchants.

    How will the updates be made to the account? Do I need to do anything?

    Payroc will be handling the various devices and/or gateway changes for you. Payroc staff may need to reach out to the merchant to complete a device download for new Visa required configuration changes. 

    I have specific questions about these changes and strategies for my merchants. Who can I talk to?

    You can reach out to and the team will assist.

    I need help on determining new rates because my merchant doesn’t want to cover all of the variance. Who can assist me?

    You can reach out to your advocate team.



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