Why Sell RewardPay?

    Payroc is leading the way with our compliant surcharge program. Schedule a call to learn how Payroc will have you winning sales and increasing your revenue.
    Sell Like Never Before. Win With Payroc.
    Implement credit card surcharging with 100% compliance.

    • Savings - Reduce your merchant's cost of payment acceptance by 50-70%.
    • Compliance - Compliant with major credit card networks and individual state restrictions.
    • Integration - Seamless integration with compatible POS systems. payment page (HPP) for secure online payment processing.
    • Automation - Automatic surcharge alert and notice of alternative payment options.

    Sell Like Never Before and Win with Payroc!

    Payroc's leading technology solutions provide the best-in-class payment platform for virtually every industry.  

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