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For 12+ years, Payroc has been a partner of the Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Association and the official benefits provider for merchant services. Our goal is to help you, as a member, reduce payment processing costs by lowering your rates while streamlining your operation, making working with us a hassle-free experience.  

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How to save 60-90% on your payment processing costs


You submit a merchant processing statement


We do a deep dive and a cost savings analysis


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Note: Your RewardPay program will also include a monthly subscription fee and a monthly leasing fee if applicable.


"Over the years we watched credit card processing fees rise to the point that we spent more money paying off the processing costs than we spent on almost all of our other utilities. That's when we decided to make a change and sign up with Payroc's RewardPay Program. This has completely changed the dynamics of our business simply because we no longer burn money for things we don't necessarily need. "

John Mihalos
Payroc Merchant

Payroc Merchant
Savings: $ 66,000

Payroc Merchant Savings

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