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We Get It

Finding a reliable firearms credit card processing company can be a shot in the dark. At Payroc, we've taken the necessary steps to ensure we can successfully board merchants in the firearms industry. Whether you are an ammunition manufacturer, distributor, or re-seller of firearms and gun parts, we've got you covered! 

Work with a firearms friendly payments partner who understands complex regulatory and industry-specific needs, by providing anytime, anywhere payment solutions for any sized need.

Which Payroc Solution is Right for You?

Retail: From standalone credit card devices to Point-of-Sale Systems, Payroc has a solution for you. 

On the Go: Our mobile solution is perfect for gun shows or outdoor trainings! 

Selling Online: Payroc is familiar with the registration process and can help you at every step of the way.

Cash Discount: Payroc enables gun and ammunition businesses to offer discount for cash and check paying customers, which removes processing fees.



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