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    January 12, 2023 Visa Bulletin


    The Visa bulletin referenced here announced, among other things the following: 
    • The maximum surcharge amount that may be charged to customers on credit card transactions in the U.S. will be lowered from 4% to 3%. 

    Read the 1-12-2023 Visa Bulletin 

    Read the 3-20-2023 Merchant Communication

    Read the 4-20-2023 Merchant Communication

    Review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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    Frequently Asked Questions Payroc RewardPay Program

    How will this change affect my costs/billing?

    The variance between your contract pricing/agreement and the newly mandated cap on % to be passed to a cardholder will be billed to you at end of Month on all credit volume.

    i.e. For example, if you are priced at 3.85% for all Credit Card transactions today and you are passing the full amount to the cardholder. As of May 01, 2023, you will only be able to pass along 3% of the 3.85% total. Your End of Month bill will include the remaining .85% for all credit card transactional volume.

    How will this affect my DEBIT pricing?

     It will not affect DEBIT/Pre-Paid current costs/billing. This stays the same.

    Will I need a new posted sign/notice or Gateway notice to cardholders?

    Yes. Payroc will provide you with new compliant signage showing a surcharge to the cardholder on CREDIT transactions at the 3% cap imposed by  Visa.

    Why is Visa doing this? Are we doing something “wrong”?

    No. In fact, you are employing the MOST compliant surcharge program (RewardPay) in the country! Visa has simply elected to reduce the amount that can be passed to a cardholder. Even with this change, RewardPay Program is still one of the most cost-effective processing programs out there (compared to standard pricing models) 

    Can I move to a different pricing model?

    Payroc has many pricing models to fit any business need. Please contact your local sales agent or click HERE if you don’t have an agent, and we'll get in touch.

    How do I make this change in my device or gateway?

    Payroc will be handling the required changes to the various devices and/or gateway for you. Payroc staff may need to reach out to you to complete a device download for new Visa required configuration changes and we ask that you cooperate so we can make this change as seamless as possible. 

    When will I get my first bill after these changes?

    You will see billing changes effective May 1, 2023 on your May Statement (which you will receive in June, 2023).

    Because this is a ‘VISA’ requirement change, can I surcharge more than 3% and pass to the cardholder on other Card Brands (i.e. Amex, Discover, MasterCard)?

    On our compliant surcharge program (RewardPay), we will treat ALL credit card brands the same. This is due to some compliance rules that we must treat all credit transactions the same as far as assessing a surcharge fee. Also, charging different % rates to different credit cards presents challenges for reconciliation for you, our valued merchants. 

    Who do I talk to if I have more questions about these changes?

    Questions about your new RewardPay pricing model or any other Payroc processing program can be directed to or call 888.477.4510 (option 2 for Merchant Support).

    I see other businesses surcharging credit and debit cards. Why can’t I switch to something like that and get rid of all my fees?

    Surcharging debit cards has always has been, prohibited by the card brand rules and regulations. 


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